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RealDolmen CRM
RealDolmen CRM

CRM for Insurance

We now have much better insight into the business and sales activities in the field on a daily basis … Productivity has improved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Jean Swalus, Business Solutions Manager, AXA Belgium.

CRM Solution for 
Insurance Carriers
Over the past decade customer behaviour and expectations have drastically changed. Insurance customers are becoming harder to attract and retain. Sales costs are high because of the lack of integration between agent and carrier systems, resulting in fragmented views of customer households and consumers’ changing needs.
Insurer carriers are increasingly turning from a policy-centric to a customer-centric approach that helps them reduce operating costs while better equipping agents, brokers, and service representatives to improve the customer experience.
Travi@ta supports your journey to customer-centricity
As an Insurance carrier serving a direct or indirect distribution network or a mix of both, you are looking for Industry Solutions that allow you to be more productive when collaborating, transacting and servicing clients across channels and devices.
These solutions should support you in driving customer acquisition and retention, achieving break-through business insight and supporting mission critical operations, whilst being able to evolve with your business with a perfect control over the budget.

Here’s the good news: you are not forced to tackle these challenges alone! Increase customer engagement, channel optimization, customer retention and premium growth with Travi@ta CRM for Insurance Carriers, enabling you to be present in the financial lives of your customers any time, any place, across any channel or device.
Travi@ta contains all the insurance specific tables and relationships, needed to support Direct and Indirect distribution channels.
"The new 720º View of the broker/intermediary is impressive! With Travi@ta CRM for Insurance Carriers on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is easier to do business for both customers and agents or brokers.
Insurers also get more prepared to increase their customers´ profitability by identifying the best product to up-sell and cross-sell through the new Single View of the Customer."
Jorge Xavier, CRM Product & Business Manager at myPartner (Portugal)
Travi@ta is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and contains following features:
  • Lead generation & qualification
  • Capture opportunities from other systems
  • Full sales journey support (qualify, prepare, visit, report)
  • Manage insurance product and warranties
  • Core Insurance Management
  • Customers as an individual, company, or group
  • Household management
  • Parties management (beneficiaries, policy holders, …)
  • Risk objects management
  • Policy lifecycle (project, active, suspended, cancelled, ...)
  • Policy underwriting
  • Account balance (follow-up payments)
  • Know your customer (investor profile, segmentation, …)
  • Brokers/agencies and their employees
  • Agreements and mandates
  • Production figures
  • Market shares and competitors
  • Target audience segmentation
  • Multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Campaign responses
  • ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment)


  • Customer claims
  • Intermediary support


  • Compliant with Solvency II, MiFID, Telebib2
  • Activity management (emails, todo’s, appointments, …)
  • Case management
  • Reporting with real-time dashboards
  • Outlook integration

  • The Single View of the Customer centralizes information about your parties (policy holders, beneficiaries, ...) that is often spread over different departments in one single 360° view: current policies, opportunities, open claims, alerts, assets and liabilities, accounting balance, ...
  • You can also drill down in details for further information.
Single View of the Customer - click to enlarge

  • Basic information
  • Profile data (structure of offices with collaborators, broker segmentation (VIP, Gold, ...), specific agreements and mandates, ...
  • Business profile i.e.
    • Broker organisation, status and rating, customer preferred target
    • Contracts portfolio and market share (contracts branch, contract volumes, total premium, ...)
    • Premium information (total premium value per category of products, premium movements in & out, ...)
    • Risk information (total capital under risk per category of products, ...)
    • Commission information
    • Business plan & goals achievement
    • ...
Click here for a larger image
Single View of the Broker - click to enlarge

Policy Management
  • Manage policies directly in the system or retrieve information managed in another system and easily access the information related to a policy:  policy holder, beneficiaries, risk objects, clauses, account balance, etc.
  • Policy management is articulated around a policy lifecycle: being created, active, suspended, being cancelled, cancelled.
  • Policy versionning: track all changes in policies into separate versions
  • Integrate a premium rate engine for policies and/or simulations: reduce the needs of maintaining the pricing configuration in many systems and also garantee the calculated price is the same whatever the quotation tool.
Include Travi@ta CRM for Insurance Carriers in YOUR offering
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VIDEO: CRM for Insurance
Please contact us for more information about our RealDolmen CRM for Insurance Solution.
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